Elegancy does not equate frugal nor lavish lifestyle; a proper elegant African woman is a sophisticated woman.

Simplicity is the Ultimate sophistication.

Living simply means been able to know how to plan your lifestyle especially the spending as well the earnings. So do not roll your eyebrows when you heard a sophisticated woman asking questions such as ‘ Where can I buy car insurance online for the best rate?

When you put the question such as “ where can I get a best car insurance quote online” in Google, you will get a list of different websites of insurance companies. Same as the adverts you get on TV. This is of no help for a first time car owner looking for best car insurance online or an individual who no longer happy with her present car insurance company and looking to move to another.

The numbers of car insurance in the United Kingdom is exhausting if you try to read through there websites to know which is better. There is Swiftcover insurance, Elephant, AAinsurance, Morethan Insurance, Admiral Insurance just to mention a few.

There are two options. You can either go directly to the insurance company or you go through a price comparison website such as www.moneysavingexpert.com, www.uswitch.com, and www.confused.com.

The best practice is to go buy the comparison websites. Here is the list of the best price comparison websites for car insurance in the UK:

www.confused.com: part of the Admiral Group, is a British price comparison website specialising in insurance and financial services. The website enables consumers to compare prices on a range of insurance and financial products, including car insurance, home insurance, life insurance and credit cards.

www.comparethemarket.com is a UK price comparison website that is part of the BGL Group. The website also offers other on-line companies the ability to provide their customers with a co-branded or white labelled comparison service.

www.uSwitch.com is a UK-based price comparison service and switching website founded in 2000. The site allows consumers to compare prices for a range of energy, personal finance, and insurance and communications services.

www.Gocompare.com is a British financial services comparison website, established in Wales in 2006. It provides comparison details for vehicle, home and pet insurance, breakdown cover, utilities and financial products.

Our advice is for you to use more than one site. If you want to be certain of getting the best price it’s better getting quotes from more than one website. Our favourite staring point will be www.confused.com and you can use that as a yardstick for other quotes from other website.

Check up to three sites, this is because some sites have insurers that others don’t, and use different algorithms.

Young African woman first car and insurance  using telematics black box insurance
Young African woman first car and insurance using telematics black box insurance

For you younger elegant woman and first time driver, black box insurance – also known as ‘telematics’ or ‘pay as you go car insurance’- aims to offer drivers a cheaper alternative by delivering driver-centred premiums based upon actual driving style rather than statistics might be the best option.