Black People Don’t Have Monopoly On Suffering

With a combination of humor and straight talk, author, marketer and adman Muzi Kuzwayo takes us through slices of his own life of poverty, resilience and inventiveness to show that his wish for a future when Africa produces the best quality in the world is a real possibility, despite the odds.

Despite the fact that African is somewhat synonymous to suffering especially in the media today, almost race went through the stages of suffering before becoming great. Russia and China are prevalent example of how a country or race could rise from suffering to be among the world leaders in all areas of life.

It is from this perspective that Musi Kuzwayo talks when he said that black people don’t have monopoly on suffering and that despite the fact that Africa is going through that same stage all present developed economies underwent. Africa can rise up to be the developer of the best products in the world.