Interesting African Print Designers (Unveiled)


Fashion is currently dominated by European and American looks, designers and brands. However, lately, fashion world started to be disrupted by African Print designers from Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa and many more.

The rise of FAFA and AFW (Africa Fashion Week) all over the world gives the opportunity for these African Print designers to highlight and exhibit their work and gain popularity and media coverage.

You can find many different designs, styles and approach of use of the African Print material in fashion. Some designs use just a small piece of African Print and the rest of the attire is made from the usual fabrics (cotton, etc), some use African Print as a main material to use in their garments.

Although, the designers that have been participating in the Fashion shows gain more attention than those designers who have just passion for the designs, but were unable to bring their products to the higher level.

Here are some interesting designers, who you might not find online so easy, however, it does not mean that they are not producing as quality attires as those who can be seen on the publishing websites, Vogue magazines, etc. Most of these designers are making use of available marketplaces such as

1. SecretSamples

SECRETSAMPLES will offer unique limited editions garments, CoDesigned by you!

Starting with pants and starting from Kenya, the first SAMPLEPRODUCT is the combination of African textiles and Danish design.


African Prints found on SECRETSAMPLES are purchased and handpicked from local Kenyan markets. All selected prints are of high quality and in limited quantities. This makes your SAMPLEPRODUCT even more unique!

2. Afrodable

Afrodable is founded by a Nigerian born Yusuf and his Latvian born wife Marija.

Afrodable: African Print Chinese styled dress
Afrodable: African Print Chinese styled dress

Maria’s first visit to Nigeria brought the idea for new Afrodable that offers infusion of cultures and colours. The mix of styles from different continents that is offered by Afrodable is able to make garments unique but still affordable. These attires are made with the best ankara (african print) is suitable for every day, no matter where you are: at the office, out with friends or just taking a walk in the park.

3. Tess World Designs

Coming from Africa, vibrant colours are highly desirable, and one of Ghana’s best known products is kente cloth, a hand woven cloth most often associated with wealth and cultural sophistication or royalty.

Tess World Designs
Tess World Designs

After traveling in a few parts of the world, Theresa became fascinated by different cultures and the art of colours.
One thing she realised was that colours had no boundaries…Suddenly she had the idea to create “Tess World Designs”!
Our shop carries the widest variety of this original kente prints, wax prints or Ankara fabric, mud cloth and many more.

4. MyAshoMarket

MyAshoMarket works directly with fabric manufacturers based in Nigeria and Ghana, selecting locally produced African prints which helps to revive the local African prints industry – creating employment for thousands of people.


The products are handmade and produced in Africa. The designers create stylish, well-constructed, fashionable African clothing in figure flattering silhouettes. As all pieces are handmade, it is possible to create custom made pieces.

Hopefully, in some years time, African Print fashion will be as easily available in stores as it is for well known brands, with the difference that the attires made from African Print will be from different designers and helping the cause of African communities all around the world.