Travel Agency Offered Manicure As Compensation to Rape Victim


On vacation with a travel agency dedicated to women, a British 45 years has been through hell. During his stay, the latter was sexually assaulted. As a rape victim, worse, when she complained to the company, it was simply offered him a manicure and massage in compensation. Distressing.

When you hear the story of Georgina Mortimer , a British doctor of 45 years mother of two children, one does not find words. To take advantage of her vacation to learn how to navigate the forties decided to go to St. Lucia in the Caribbean with the travel agency Girls for Sails , a company dedicated to women accredited by the Royal Yacht Association , the National Federation of watersports from the United Kingdom. So far, nothing unusual. But during the second night of her stay, she was assaulted in the villa where she was staying and raped . ” I woke up being choked and raped by a stranger. I was terrified. I really thought I was dying , “she testified Sun on Sunday . After living the horror, she thought the company for Girls Sails would do his best to assure him that security measures would be reinforced so that no other holiday is not vulnerable. But instead of that, she was offered a manicure and a massage in compensation. Yes, you read unfortunately. ” My life has been turned upside down. I have terrible flashbacks and I’m traumatized. Be offered a massage and a manicure is disgusting. When I complained again, I was eventually repaid. I was also offered additional days to navigate . ”

Naturally, Georgina Mortimer decided to file a complaint against Girls for Sails and the owner of the house she shared with two instructors. ” I went for a holiday with women to learn to sail, thinking that I will be safe. I am devastated by what happened and I will do molestation-rape_0everything I can to prevent other women to live it. I am shocked by this company that declares valuing women helping them to navigate without men, seeing how it went wrong occupied a victim of rape , “she added. Hopefully the travel agency understands that offering compensation in this way can in no repair the trauma of sexual assault !

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