Yegna, the Ethiopian girls band for women’s rights

Ethiopian girls band

To advance the status of women in art. It is the goal of the group of five Ethiopian girls band for women’s right named Yegna. Through songs and a radio series, they cover topics such as early marriage, female genital mutilation or violence. A nice initiative to break the taboos of their society.

On the 20th anniversary of Title Wannabe Spice Girls, the NGO The Global Goals had turned the song to promote the rights of women worldwide. A very successful operation which showed that music could be an excellent vehicle for this kind of cause. Something the girls five Ethiopian girls band called Yegna ( ” We ” in Amharic) has understood. Formed three years ago by the British NGO GirlsEffect , its purpose is to address important social issues such as forced marriages , domestic violence or female genital mutilation in order to change the status of women in their country living still under the weight of tradition. So Zebiba Girma , Selome Taddesse , Lemlem Hailemichael , Melat Kassahun and Rahel Getu strung hits like the song Abet which allowed them to come forward in 2013 whose message was: ” Listen to us, understand us, we have some thing to say . ”

In addition to music, Yegna, the Ethiopian girls band, also presents a series radio on local radio stations. In the latter, each occupies a specific role. There Mimi street girl, Sara student model Melat the isolated soul, Lemlem awash in household chores and finally Emuye living with a father violent and alcoholic. Each week, young women put themselves in the skin of their characters to tackle the taboos of Ethiopian society. Note that each episode is followed by a discussion on the topic that was mentioned. Again, this is a success since as explained TV5 Monde , nearly 5 million people follow the program that was even available in movie.

” It’s hard to change attitudes in a conservative society. In villages where tradition is still strong, where men kidnap women to marry, it is not easy to make people understand that girls should go to school. In a society where many marriages are arranged and early, it is difficult to understand that a woman must take its destiny in hand. Through our 5 characters, we expose the problems women may suffer and we are trying to educate people in our own way , “said Zebiba Girma in the World . An approach that is also present in the band’s songs: ” Yegna talk about the problems and provides solutions in the same song. This is what makes us unique , “said Melat Kassahun to TV5 Monde . And if their work is honorable, they have understood that the road is still long before things really change: ” We will not transform society in a snap. That takes time. So you have to communicate so that Ethiopians understand the message , “said Rahel Getu the World .

The strong woman

With their art, Yegna intends to promote the image of a strong woman. ” A strong woman is a person who reconciles the two sexes. This is a person who does not oppose men to women and vice versa. This is a good wife and a good mother who can become a leader. This is someone who is able to take care of his home and run a business together , “said Teref Kassahun the World . For Lemlem Hailemichael it ” confronts the problems and knows how to find solutions. It differs from others, knows how to take responsibility and enforce. And all this by being a good mother. These are strong women who are the leaders of this world . ”

With their success, the five girls Yegna have often been compared to the Spice Girls . But beware, this is not really to their liking. ” You see, we have nothing to do with the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls make commercial music. It’s just for fun. We, with our Yegna group, we give more power to women , “said Zebiba Girma .

Sourced from : aufeminin