Ridiculous Things Men Find Unattractive About Women!

Things Men Find Unattractive About Women

These are apparently the things men find unattractive about women!

It’s no news that women love to impress not just their fellow women but men as well.

There are a lot of things women do in the hope of trying to gain the attention of men but without the slightest idea, men find most of the tactics repulsive and the fact is, we don’t really care.

If you reading this and you are fond of doing any of these things we about to list and think men find it attractive, then stop, because fact is they don’t.

1. Primping In Public

You spent all the time at home making up, dressing to an event and you still can’t stay put and at the slightest opportunity, you have to adjust your clothes, make-up or hair, it makes you look childish and frankly speaking, we men find it very unattractive.

Photo: Poka Arts
Photo: Poka Arts

2. Perfume Overload

It is good to smell good but overdoing it is definitely unattractive. Nobody wants to go back home with a catarrh. You may want to learn the best way to apply perfume here.


3. Masked Faces

Now there is this new trend in the world of make-up known as masking and a lot of women love it but we’ve seen some and it scared the living hell out of us. Some women just can’t stop overdoing it.


4. Yellow Teeth And Bad Breath

Ok! Now that does it, nobody will find this attractive, not in the slightest and you know it. So instead of spending all that money on makeup and clothes, it will be better to pay for the services of a dentist.


5. Dark Lips

This might not be much of a problem for most men, it is mostly assumed women with natural dark lips smoke weed and this, most men find very unattractive.


6. Sticky Eyelashes

God gave you eyelashes but you said that’s not enough so you decided to add more by extending it, in the end, they’ll be sticking together. Honestly, that’s repulsive and we are taking this opportunity to let you know.

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