A Facebook account shames Moroccan women in bikini

Moroccan women in bikini

A Facebook account shames Moroccan women in bikini

As every summer, bikinis are back on beaches around the world. But in Morocco , this is not to the taste of everyone. In recent weeks, the country has witnessed a wave of guilt incredible women. This account with Facebook in the name of Aicha Amal . Hate on Moroccan women in bikini or all women in bikini?

As explained by a site , which broke the story, a lady has dedicated her Facebook profile post to denounce ” the vice and debauchery of Moroccan women ” by targeting specific people because we could see the stolen photos unknown on the beach trying to sunbathe or simply to read. An initiative to blame women simply because they are in jersey. Absolutely disgusting!

Moroccan women in bikini

According to The Site Info in the account description, it was indicated that it was run by 120 people including 79 young people lying on the beaches of the country. ” Our slogan is: No to vice in a Moroccan Islamist country. We thank all the brothers and sisters who have joined us to distribute smartphones and take pictures of the Moroccan in bikinis on beaches all Moroccan , “it read. Describing himself as ” guardians of morality and beaches vigilantes ,” people behind the Facebook page did not hesitate to warn women: ”

“I take pictures of the girls on the beach with my iPhone s7 and I publish them directly on Twitter and Facebook. Hold your daughters and your wives, my camera is merciless! “.

The group claimed to have thousands of pictures of women in the possession and threatened to put them online on the same site.

Moroccan women in bikini

If some reviews pictures instigators of this operation in particular called for ” rediscovers the the high way and reven to God ,” the Internet users, they were likely to denounce the actions behind this fake account Facebook . Finally, it was only after several days of notification that the account was eventually suspended. According to Moroccan media, the police have opened an investigation to find out who was behind this vast operation of slut-shaming.

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